Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter Seven

Jon and Callie walked back to the party and socialized a little more with their guests until they started to drift out. They sent their kids home with his brother and Callie arranged the guard to lock up everything as she had previously organized. After the he fought with the seat belt which had magically got larger and wouldn’t fit in the clip, OK maybe it was more the fact he’d had six Jack and Cokes by this stage.

The smell of sweet oranges drifted across him as his wife leaned over and clipped in his seat belt. “There you are, Jesus Jon you smell like a distillery.” He wound his arm around her and held her a little longer over him. He kissed her and she laughed as their noses bumped.

“You better get driving, I’m ready for the rest of my present.” His gaze caught a glimpse of red lace that slid down her shoulder. He closed his eyes as she lifted her hand and stroked his cheek.

“Patience.” She purred as she leaned back and buckled herself into the driver’s seat.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as it was apparent that his cock had recovered from its blow job. “You already know I have none of that baby.” He grinned loosely, the alcohol relaxing him. Damn his wife was hot. They headed back onto the freeway and headed home to Redbank in what was now the wee hours of the morning.

He smirked as he rested his hand on her knee and flexed his fingers as she drove.

“Jon, no funny business.” She warned as she kept her eyes on the road ahead.

He chuckled, he used to do this too when she would drive him around when they were younger. Tease the holy hell out of her until she had to swerve off the road, it was a little reckless but hell they were young. His hand inched down her thigh and he brushed his knuckles against her crotch.

“I mean it!” She scolded him and batted away his hand, while she bit her lip.

He tipped his knuckle around the soft curve of her breast and watched her nipple hardened.

“Jon! I’m serious. We’ll be there soon."

“Aren’t you just as horny as I am?” He folded his arms and leaned back.

She flicked her hair back and huffed. “Of course I am! I have been since I blew you in the stadium.”

He laughed and clapped his hands together. “See! Now pullover.”

“What? You’re not serious. We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“Exactly, how many cars do you see around? It’s nearly two am Cal, c’mon live a little.”

“You’re not even supposed to pull over here.”

“Who is gonna see, c’mon...I call birthday.”

She rolled her eyes and checked the rear view before flicking on the directional. They pulled off the road and she killed the engine. He undid his belt and flipped his seat back, his wife climbed over and straddled him. The puff of breath on his skin instantly set him off, his hands trailed up her sides, tugging off her top to reveal hot-red lace. Hell-see through lace.

“Thank you God.” He traced his finger along the scalloped edge of lace.

She let her hair tumble around her shoulders tickle and brush around his wrists. Her eyes met his and even through the shadows of the night they glinted with her certain brand of evil. “God has nothing to do with this.”

He groaned as her lips brushed his followed by a playful swipe of her tongue.

Breath weighed heavily between them as she dipped lower, her mouth against his neck. He tipped his head back and his hands slid down over her back and cupped her ass. Her tongue traced around his clavicle and her dark chuckle vibrated against his skin.

“I really hate how much you make me want you, even after all these years.”

He grinned and his hand reached up and unclasped her bra. He felt the same way, there was no one in this world after all these years that possessed the power that his wife did. There was no one he truly was himself around except her. “And I’ve got more wrinkles and saggy bits now.” He cupped her breasts and rolled his thumbs over the tips while she threw her head back.

“Jon...” He knew all her moans, all of her moves. This one was the stirring moan, he was riling her up and the denim of his pants stretched tight over his crotch as he did so. She leaned forward, kissed him, and he felt her melt into him like so many times before. Her fingers fisted in his hair as their lips parted and their breathing became heavy. She arched back so he could grind against her heat, that friction alone between them was enough to topple him over the edge.

The windows fogged up around him and light rain splattered on the car as the heat between them intensified. He caught her breast in his mouth, his tongue laved over her nipple as she began to groan and she buckled above him. His hand spread out on her back and guided her for a better angle. He reached down between them and popped her jeans open and his fingers were instantly flooded by her heat.

Her hands clutched the head rest as she bowed over him, her mouth hovering over his ear and her breath hot on his skin. He flicked her clit and sucked her nipple as she began to rock above him to increase the tension. Sweat slid down his temples as the sweet sounds of his wife’s pants and moans twisted him from inside out.

Her nose smashed into his neck as her guttural cries grew louder. He flexed one finger and slid it deep inside her, followed by the other. He pumped her painfully slow, her desperate pleas for speed ignored as he drowned in her. Her fingers clawed at his top as she pushed it up his chest and her warm skin pressed against his.

Their mouths fused together, and she was so close to orgasm as her body tightened all around him. Her knees were clamped at his hips and her fingers dug into his chest. He wanted to be inside her, feeling her wrapped snug around him. The first orgasm punched through her, her teeth scraped his neck as she cried out his name and convulsed around his fingers.

She lay against his chest for a few moments before he pushed her jeans off her hips and she carefully dragged them down her legs and off. She lifted his heavy buckle and opened him up, taking his cock in her hands.

“Sweet mercy.” He muttered as she lifted herself carefully onto his cock and re-positioned herself above him.

He threaded his fingers into hair and his lips trailed up her jaw to her temple before he joined them again at her lips. His tongue found hers and he tasted every corner of her mouth as she moved above him gently. Slow and deliberate she rocked bringing them closer to orgasm.

His fingers traced down her jaw and over her lips, “I love you.”

Her eyes softened and she smiled as she linked both of his hands in hers and held them above his head. “I love you too babe. Happy Birthday.” She pushed forward changing the angle so he slid further into her. He stretched out extending his body under her and hissed as the hard tips of her breasts dragged through his chest hair.

This was them, anytime, not usually any place but the fact of the matter was this is what made them. Through the craziness, through the many people that they shared their lives with, especially him, when they were together like this nothing else mattered.

He always drew strength from her and her from him, and partially the reason he still didn’t feel like he was hovering under fifty was because of her and the rich life that they shared, and for that he was more thankful for anything in his life.

Their fingers were clutched firmly together as she rode above him, finally increasing her pace and the friction between them spilled over into pure pleasure. It rolled through him and her name spilled from his lips. She kept going, sweat pooling between them as they fell again until she slumped into him as they settled. He wanted nothing but to curl her into him but he remembered they were inside a car for fuck’s sake.

He dragged the tips of his fingers down her back. “We’ve still got it.”

She rubbed his arm as she lay against his chest. “We never lost it. And we never will. I believe that.”

“I know. I do too.” He dropped a kiss on the top of her head before she stretched and attempted to roll off him back into her driver’s seat. They retrieved their clothes and painfully redressed in the small space.

“God, this is why we don’t do this anymore.” He winced as his back screamed as he lay back to pull his jeans up.

She snorted as she did her shirt back up and then her pants. “No kidding, we’re certainly not as flexible as we used to be.”

He jumped as a knock on the passenger seat window and blinked as a flashlight blared through the window. He let the window slide down and raised his brow. “Officer?” He didn’t dare look behind him as he prayed his wife was fully dressed.

The officer bent down and peered through. “Any reason you have stopped here? You know you’re not meant to.”


“Sorry Officer, I had to take a call from work, I’m a doctor and I didn’t want to drive and use my phone at the same time. A nurse had a query about a patient I operated on earlier.”

The officer glanced at her and then Jon. “OK, well in future if you are going to take twenty five minute calls again on a highway I suggest you wait.” He smirked before he pulled back.

Jon felt his neck burn and realized they were going to get away with it. The cop would have realized exactly what they were doing. Shit. “Of course officer.”

“Good, well have a good night.” He bumped the roof and walked off.

They both burst out laughing once Jon had raised the window. “Busted.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t throw us in the slammer, my doctor story obviously worked.”

“Oh please he knew what we were doing. For the amount of steam on the windows that was no phone call. He recognized me, and since I’m well respected he let it go.”

Callie laughed as she turned the key in the ignition. “Might wanna roll that window down so your ego can breathe babe.”

“Just drive woman.” He laughed as they pulled back onto the homebound route. What a day and what a night it had been, but that was his life. Nothing was ever boring and he would never change it for the world.

The End.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter Six

Jon escaped to the bleachers for a sneaky cigarette. He’d “mainly” given up much to Callie’s pestering, it really didn’t help matters when your wife was a doctor but he’d seen enough of the slides of lung cancer she’d slipped his way to know it wasn’t the best thing for him. She never pressured him to do it, she always let him choose and she accepted now and then he still had to have one.

Now was one of those times. It may have had something to with three Jack’s he’d had in amidst all the birthday frivolity. It was good to hang with his band, his brothers and long-time friends and of course his family. He flicked away the ash and chuckled. He really was a lucky son of a bitch.

After all these years his workmates were his best friends, his family was supportive as the first day he picked up a guitar, his children--the funniest kids in this the world and a wife that wasn’t just his wife, she was the other half of him.

He’d known it a long time but he knew without her, he’d be nothing.

Heels clicked behind him but he didn’t turn around, he could tell by the heartbeat of the step it was his wife. She slid in beside him and rested her head against his shoulder. He closed his eyes and through the smell of smoke the sweet smell of Callie drifted into his life.

“So whatcha doing outside here all by yourself?”

He took one last puff and tossed the butt away, he leaned back and stretched his arm out around her shoulders and stared out to the field. “Just needed a minute. Even this boy gets overwhelmed every once and awhile.”

She rubbed his knee and chuckled. “Not often but yes, you’re allowed the odd time.”

“Just like that smoke, right?” He asked with a grin.

“You got it. No nagging today, it’s your day.”

Light late winter drizzle fell below the low lights of the stadium as he kissed the top of her head. “I think Mrs Bongiovi, I’ve come to realize that everyday has been my day for the last twenty odd years.”

Callie’s gaze flicked up to meet his and her lips curved into a smile. “They’ve been our days.” Her gaze fell to his lips as he leaned and kissed her. Warmth radiated through his body like a welcome blast of sunshine like she always was.

Slowly he melted into his wife’s kiss, her hands slid up his chest and up around his neck. He pushed back her hair as they enjoyed one the rare moments of being alone. “I’m not going be able to stop shortly.” His hand cupped her breast and his thumb brushed over her nipple, it hardened instantly. “Matt’s still taking the kids? Or was another of your elaborate lies?” His brow rose as he left her lips and kissed down the lovely line of her neck.

“Oh no, he’s still taking them.” Her breath was heavy against his neck, his cock heavy in his pants.

“Damn.” His fingers trailed down her belly and lightly over her jeans. “I want you now.” No matter how busy and how crazy their lives were. Give them five minutes of intimacy and the electricity between them fired like it still did twenty years ago.

Their noses bumped and teeth clicked. “Too bad they’ll come looking for you in ten minutes if you’re not back in there. You know they will.”

She had a gleam in her eye that he knew well. “But?” he asked hopefully.

His eyes widened as she slid out of her chair and onto her knees below him. Her fingers already making light work of his buckle. “Callie, Jesus!” He hissed as she dragged her nail down over the bump under the tight denim. “You’re not going to really...” He jolted backwards as her hand wound around his cock as she gently pulled it free. “Oh god... you are....”

Her clever fingers curled around his shaft while his wrapped around the seats on either side of him. The tip of her tongue circled the crown of his cock and his knuckles went white. “Fuck.” He watched her mouth move slowly down his length and thought it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

The tip of her tongue swirled around the tip sucking off the drop of precum. He closed his eyes and for a split second imagined that the stadium was full of people while his wife worked her mouth on his dick. Oh god...


Callie’s other hand moved and cupped his balls, squeezing them enough he thought he was going to lose it. She licked her lips and slowly she swallowed his length. He growled and his hands went for her hair, his fingers threaded through her hair as he hit the back of her throat.

The wind came up but he didn't give a fuck as his head tipped back and pleasure pumped through his blood. With all the control he could summon he growled in his throat instead of roaring into the stadium like he wanted to. Her movements were slow and deliberate; she knew she was killing him.

Apparently she was enjoying it too as she hummed along his length.

He stretched his legs out, desperate to hold himself as her magic mouth worked its way back down his length. Tense and twisted, his body writhed under her spell. The heel of his boot connected with the seat in-front of him as her teeth scraped down his sensitive skin.

Short nails dug into his sac and he wished for death, well release. His wife was entirely too fucking good at driving him crazy. Like a couple of teenagers defying their parents’ wishes here they were in the bleachers in Giant’s fucking stadium where she was giving him head. And god if that wasn’t hot.

Need threatened to shred him from the inside out, the pop of her mouth off his cock was more potent than any porn he’d ever watched alone in his hotel rooms over the years. “Please, finish it...”

Her gaze glittered with lust and a side of evil as she moved forward and took him again, over and over she took him with her mouth, her teeth, and her fingers. All three made a deadly combination as he started to unravel, thread by thread.

He thrusted his hips in time with her mouth and groaned each time he went deeper into her mouth. The bands in his chest tightened and the lights of the stadium blurred as he let go spilling into her mouth before slumping back down in his chair. Hot sweat that trickled down his cheeks now cooled as the air swirled around them and he had a chance to catch his breath.

“Oh god.” He closed his eyes before his chest rumbled with laughter as he took in what just happened. Never again would he watch a game sitting in these sacred stands without thinking of this moment. She shifted back onto his knee as she dusted off her knees and helped him do his pants back up. He tipped her chin up towards him and planted a kiss on her lips.

“You are something else Doctor Callie. Really something else.”

She smiled and snuggled into him her hand stroked his neck. “I do try.”

“You do more than try woman. God...” He looked around. “Do you think we should buy these seats?”

She slapped him and snorted. “They’re not exactly your kind of seats... too far away.”

“Hey! Ok ok... you win. You’re right. I do have to have the best.”

“Well that’s why you married me, right?”

He laughed. “Oh cocky today Doc are we?” He wrapped his arms around her and linked his fingers across the small of her back. “But that’s ok. Today you can pretty much have anything you want after that.”

Her brow raised and she smirked. “I did notice you came hard too. This was a little fantasy of yours, yes?”

His eyes narrowed. “Yeah alright, you again prove you know me well. Stop bragging woman.” Apparently his wife was now a smart-ass and cocky, wonder where she got that from he thought ruefully.


“Oh god!” Callie shot Jon a look as their daughter raced up the steps towards them. Two minutes earlier and that would have been hard to explain.

“Hey baby-girl. What are you doing out here alone?” She scrambled up on his other knee and kissed him.

“Uncle Matt is taking us home for cookies and PlayStation before bed.”

“Wow! Cookies and PlayStation before bed! It’s my birthday and even I don’t get that before bed.” He avoided his wife’s gaze, he knew exactly what he was going to get before bed.

“I love you daddy.” Stella snuggled in under his arm.

“Awe I love you too pumpkin, even if you are a good liar. I’m gonna have to watch that as you get older.” Stella squealed as he jabbed her in the side. He kissed the top of her sunny blond hair and then hugged his girls tight. “OK, mommy and I will be there in a second.” Like father like daughter she tore away, she was the one that didn’t hold attention too well especially if she was bored, just like her Daddy.

Callie straightened his shirt and then drilled a finger into his chest. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to nail me when we’re home, because I have to tell you seeing you like that...” Her hands slid down his chest and over his nipples. “Kinda got me riled up.”

His brow zinged. “Oh I’ll do more than that, you just wait little girl.” They met in a kiss once again and then he followed her back down to his party, satisfied.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter Five

Jon sat contented in the passenger seat knowing he was at least in for some birthday nookie when he got home. Callie insisted she drove and let him relax. That and that she didn’t trust him behind a wheel when he was jumpy after a show.

He fiddled with the stereo until he found something satisfactory. He rubbed his face and tipped his head back. He was getting old, he wasn’t going to admit it but he was feeling it right down to the marrow in his bones. He glanced over at Callie and grinned. It wasn’t common that he got to be alone with her, in a car of all places, usually they’d be in the backseat of the town car but this felt oddly intimate.

“What?” She asked not taking her eyes off the wheel.

He snorted. “Remember I used to do this to you when we were younger?”

She pressed her lips together but hid the smirk. “Yes I do, I would be driving your drunken ass home and you’d sit there and stare at me and piss me off, or worse sing made up songs about me.”

He laughed and slapped his knee and sighed. “I totally did didn’t I?” He mused. “There once was a doctor named Callie...”

“Quit it!” She laughed and snuck a glance his way. “You really haven’t changed have you? Still a pain in my ass.”

He wiggled his eyebrows. “We’ve discussed this. You love my ass.”

She nodded. “You’re lucky or I’d kick it more. Now open the glove box.”

He raised his brow. “What?”

She nodded towards it. “Open it.”

She shifted into gear on the open road so he leaned forward and popped the glove box open. There was a small gaily wrapped silver box with a blue box. “You did buy me something! I knew you wouldn’t forget, you’re too organized to forget!” He plucked it out and ripped open the paper, sparing no survivors.

“You’re worse than your son Jon.”

He pried the small leather fell box open and grinned. “You bought me one!” He lifted the power-band out from the box and slid it on his wrist. “I thought you said these were a load of bull-”

“I still do but you’re my husband and what you want, you get.” She winked at him. “Just this once even if it medically does squat.”

“It’s perfect, thank you baby.” He’d done some reading on balance bands and some of his friends in his circle swore by them. He was always open to anything with his Zen/Chi. He had to be with the hectic schedule they kept. His wife however was less impressed but she did agree and participate in yoga classes with him from time to time. “God, I’m gonna be fifty next year. Can you believe it?”

Callie groaned. “Don’t remind me, I’m only a couple of years younger than you Jon. I don’t know where the years have all gone.”

He chuckled. “I do--and I wouldn’t trade them in for the world.”

Their gaze briefly met and both smiled before she turned her attention back to the road. They were edging up around Giants stadium which was lit up in all its glory. Jon stared a little longer and checked his watch. “Why are there lights and a couple of cars there? There was no game there tonight and it’s late.”

His wife shrugged. “I don’t know babe. I guess they practice late at night.”

“It’s not even football season.” He leaned back trying to get a better view but couldn’t. “Go and pull in, see if we can see anything.”

“I’m not pulling into Giants at nearly midnight. Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll be trespassing.”

“C’mon, I wanna be nosey and besides you know I know everyone. They won’t mind if they’re holding some sort of secret practice.”

“No Jon, we’re going home.”

“Please...” He sat and batted his eyes until she rolled her eyes and huffed before flicking her directional on.

“You’re an idiot.”

“It’s my birthday, I’m allowed to be. Pull up around by the east stand, we can sneak around that way.”

“Good lord-”

He patted his wife’s knee. “Just like old times--remember we snuck into Fenway Park and made out.”

“Yeah and nearly got caught. Doc would have flipped.”

“Well Doc-Smoc...that’s old days. C’mon lets go do it again once we find out what’s happening. I’ve always wanted to make out with someone here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, it’s freezing.”

Jon popped his belt jumped out before she had even lifted the hand-break. Callie followed and wrapped her coat tightly around her body as she made her way over to him. “Jesus Christ Jon, it’s so cold.”

He took her hand, yes it was cold but the odd feeling of doing something a little naughty with his wife on his birthday was just too good to pass up. “See-bet you didn’t think you knew me that well huh baby? Never thought we’d be doing this? I’ve still got some spontaneity in the old guy yet.” He tugged her hand as the snuck around the stadium to where the light was peeking from through the Verizon gate.

“Jon!” She tried to stall him but he pulled her along.

“Relax, we’ll be fine. Besides even your straight-a nature wants to bend. I know you do.”

She frowned. “Fine, just be quiet.”

Jon carefully snuck down the player tunnel where light streamed from.

“Jon! You can’t go--” he stopped and turned before she shrugged. “God, never-mind you’re not listening to me anyway. I’m not going to down with you though--you’re on your own if you go in there.”

“I’ll just take a sneaky peek and then we’ll go have sex somewhere.” He whispered excited, god it was sad that this seemed to be the most exciting thing to happen to him today on all days. He listened at the dressing room door to hear nothing but silence so he knocked softly. No one replied so he carefully turned the door handle.

“SURPRISE!” His eyes popped out of his head as they landed on every single one of his family, band members, and children. Colourful streamers shot out of god knows where and confetti rained down around him like snow. His children stampeded towards him. “Daddy!”

“I--” God damn he was speechless! How did they all get here? How did Callie do all this? Hell, how did she KNOW he would make her come in?” He turned around and behind him stood the one person that scarily knew more about himself than he did. Her arms were crossed and her smirk was wide, mischief glinting in her perfect sea blue eyes.

“Oh look, how did all these people get here?”

He laughed shaking his head as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m fucking speechless baby. I don’t know how you did this, let alone got me here...”

“Let’s just say you’re not the only one that has good acting qualities and I know you can’t ever help yourself with football. Call it a hunch.” Her eyes lit up as she slid her arms up around his neck and kissed him on the lips. “I love you Jon and I’d never forget to make a fuss over you because you deserve it for every day of happiness we’ve had together.”

“Awe Cal.” He brushed back her hair and returned the kiss for a little longer until a hand cupped his shoulder.”

“You really thought we’d let get away with celebrating your last year of the forties club.”

Jon turned and grinned as his band mates all stood looking as proud as Callie had. “Son of bitches you’re all fired.” He motioned them away before he hugged each of them.

“This is monumental man...the fifties club is something sacred so enjoy this while it lasts.” Richie teased as they hugged it out.

“You’ll still always be older than me Sambora. No matter what club I’m in.”

“Angel--happy birthday!” The smell of exotic perfume engulfed him as his mother and father each embraced him.

“Thanks guys for letting me know, sheesh.” He scooped up his daughter. “And you, you little monkey. And you!” He ruffled his son’s hair. He was amazed, and he was awed that they had pulled this off--and hell in the best place on earth at that. The music cranked up and the drinks were distributed, he lifted a glass to his wife across the room and realised just how lucky he was.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Four

Jon sat backstage in his private room slowly psyching himself up for the show. He popped the cap off his water and glugged it down. He still felt awful that he behaved like a spoilt brat and his wife seemed genuinely upset that she couldn’t come through with him for a birthday surprise. He was pathetic. He loved his family and really the greatest gift was just being with them on his day.

Life had been hectic again since the movie and the tour started and of course Callie’s schedule was no better. He’d been lucky enough for her to take eight weeks off starting in July though. She was coming to Europe with the kids and then they’d go onto Greece for their annual family vacation after the tour. Those moments are what he came to cherish, when they could lie in each others laps on the beach and read, listen to music and just hang out. Half the time they didn’t talk a lot, they just lay there stroking each other occasionaly, snuggling...god. He put his face in his hands, he kinda wished he was in that moment right now but no, this was his dream and he was living it.


He looked up as Caleb snuck in around the canvas door innocently and relaxed his face. “Hey buddy, what are you doing in here?” He leaned back and Caleb climbed up onto his knee. He kissed the top of the boy's sunny blond head and smiled.

“Mommy wasn’t looking so I snuck away.”

“Well you’re safe here as Mommy knows not to come in here.” Not that it had stopped his wife before being told she couldn’t go somewhere, and in fact back in the day they often shared this room for a private moment or two.

“Are you going to play Bad Name tonight?” Caleb reached up and tugged at his collar.

Jon raised his eyebrow. “Maybe, do you want me to?”

Caleb nodded emphatically. “It’s my favourite.”

Jon leaned back and grinned. “Well then, we can’t not play your favourite then can we? I thought your favourite was Bad Medicine?”

He shook his head. “Boring.”

“Sheesh. I didn’t realize my son just became my biggest critic.” Jon checked his watch before removing it off his wrist. What a weird day. He eyed his son suspiciously. “So, did Mommy get you to buy me presents this year?”

He shook his head again but didn’t look at him.

“Caleb.” He tried to use his stern daddy voice to pry any information out of him. Yes, Callie had been busy but she was always busy yet always managed to put the family first so he didn’t believe that she’d left him completely without a birthday. She just didn’t do that. Despite her award winning actress act on stage earlier.

“No Daddy, no!” Caleb climbed down onto the floor but Jon tugged his arm.

“You can tell Daddy, I can keep it a secret.” It was true when it came to the kids Callie could win their loyalty over with some special motherly power she possessed but he could give it a shot.

The canvas door swept open and Jon looked up to meet his wife’s curious gaze.

“Caleb--I’ve been looking for you. You know we don’t bother Daddy before the show. He goes on in five minutes.”

Caleb took his mothers hand and nodded. “Sorry Daddy.”

“That’s OK buddy. He wasn’t causing problems Cal--”

Callie raised her brow. “No, he wasn’t but I’m not sure about his father.”

“Who me?” His Innocent act fell short with the woman that knew him better than he knew himself some days.

“I heard you. C’mon Caleb, we’ll leave Daddy to get ready.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Have a good show baby.”

“Bye Daddy.”

And he was alone-again.

What the hell? He stood up puzzled and cracked his knuckles. A shriek of laughter from outside his make-shift quarters made him question that something wasn’t quite right at all but he shrugged it off and prepared for his show.


The show ripped into life and went well, he lost the uneasiness of the day in the music and the band’s chemistry that they still had after all these years. It was a tradition to open with Older, almost his own birthday song to himself. God knows no one else was going to sing it to him it seemed. His parents were in the audience and he’d barely seen them before the show when he was used to them hanging backstage a little more than they had.

Again, it was tradition that his family was there at his own birthday party every year that he’d had the show on his birthday.

After the show he bounced backstage and peeled his t-shirt off as Matt handed him a hot towel.

“Thanks Bro--Good show.” He patted his back as he looked around for his family.

“Damn right--so do you feel one year older?”

Jon winced as he arched back feeling his back pop. “Tonight I feel it. Hey--thanks for taking the kids tonight. Callie said you were.”

“Oh sure, no problems. Only seems fair you have some alone time with my lovely sister-in-law. That’s if you still can get it up.” He teased, flashing the same Bongiovi wide smile at him.

“Fuck you, I’ll have you know I can still-”

“Dude! No need for details. I can fill in the blanks.”

Arms encircled his waist from behind and warm breath tickled against his ear. “We better get going soon if you want to make use of me.” His cock twitched as lips slid across the back of his neck.

His hands covered hers at his belly. “Oh I intend to make very good use of you.”

He frowned when she stifled a yawn against his ear. “Sorry babe. It’s been a long week.” at this rate she’d be passed out after round one. He tried to stop himself sounding like an ungrateful bastard but disappointment was eating him from the inside out.

“Have you seen my parents?” hell, or anyone? Usually backstage was loaded with friends and family straight after the New Jersey or Philly shows but he found himself eyeing just the crew.

“They’re tired, they had a long flight but the good news is I’ve organized a birthday brunch for you before we head up to the Casino show. Since I sucked at doing it for today.”

He managed a smile. “Callie, you didn’t have to but it’ll be nice to see everyone. Is the band coming? Hell, where has Richie gone? He’s usually the last to leave?”

Callie giggled. “He’s with his mom. I saw them just before.”

Well shit. He took a deep breath and sighed, at least he had his wife. “Well lets go then, I’m ready to get outta here.”

Callie let go of him and took his hand. “Maybe I do have one surprise for you at home...I may even be wearing it now.”

His cock stirred, yep she still had it. She still had the ability to make him hard with just her voice. “Well Mrs Bongiovi, lead the way. I’m more than ready to open that gift.” He dropped a kiss on her forehead and smiled. “With my teeth.”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter Three

“Dude what the hell is your problem?”

Jon cursed and marched to David. “You sure these are in tune? They sound off.”

David rolled his eyes. “They’re electric Jon.”

He paced around Tico’s drum kit. “Somethings off in the first bridge.”

Richie put his hand on his shoulder. “Dude—we’ve played Older a million times before. It sounds fine.”

Jon crouched down under Tico’s kit. “I’ll be the judge of that thanks.”

Tico slid out from his drum kit and walked to the side of the stage. “I’m having a smoke while he fucking does this.”

“Teek—can you try this? Teek?”

Jon looked up and watched Richie fold his arms. “He’s gone for a smoke. You pissed him off.”

Jon grounded his teeth and slid back out, stood. “What? Get him back here. Somethings not fucking right and we’re fixing it—“ he waved his hands in the air. “Forget it—I’ll fucking do it myself.” He grabbed the drum sticks and banged the snare.

“Dude I wouldn’t do that you know Teek is anal about his—“

“Jon – what the fuck.. get outta there!” He marched up to him and towered above him as he sat on Tico’s stool. Tico could crush him like a bug if it came to that—they didn’t fight physically anymore like in the younger days but Jon knew he skated on thin ice more than once every so often.

“Tico I just wanted—“


Jon froze and looked up where Callie was standing centre stage with her hands on her hips. Oh boy. “What now?”

“Can I see you a minute?” her eyes flashed and she thumbed behind her to side stage.
He rose. “I’m a little busy Cal—is it one of the kids?”

“No it’s the big kid right here. I just want a quick word Jon. I know you hate being bugged when you do this but it can’t wait.”

Jon nodded and followed his wife off the stage. He shot Richie and David a look as they snickered. “Callie that was mildly embarrassing. I know you—“

“Jon. What the hell is wrong with you. Teek came storming backstage and said you were being a pain in the ass. More than normal.”

He laughed. “Oh great now I’m being tattled on, somethings off---surely you heard it. You have a good ear now too.”

“Yeah it’s you Jonny. You’re in a foul mood but that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I know its my fault.”

“What?” He let the bands in his chest relaxed. “Cal, it’s not your fault.”

She took his hands. “It is---you’re upset I didn’t organize anything for your birthday and I feel awful with how the day turned out. I just wanted to have a quiet day with you and the kids as things have been so hectic lately. I just figured that’s what you’d want—and I’m sorry I couldn’t’ even give you that.”

His heart fell as tears formed in her eyes. He lifted his hand to her cheek. “Baby—of course that’s what I would have wanted. I was being an ass. I just wanted some attention from you. You know I love that – from you that is.”

She smiled. “I know and I’m sorry I lost sight of that a little---just with the hospital and everything I just—“

He placed a finger over her lips. “Hush.. no more apologies. We’re fine. I have the show---I love the show on my birthday. Who gets to do what I do on their birthday? There is no greater gift and to have you here to see it.”

She kissed his finger. “I know---but how about after the show we just go home together and I’ll get Matt to take the kids?”

His heart felt full again. “Sounds perfect. Truly. Now have you finished grilling me in front of my band—I can have my balls back now?” he teased.

“Just till later.” She winked as she stepped back and left him be.

He shook his head and laughed at how ridiculous this day had been and walked back out to the stage and clapped his hands together. “Okay from the top...and don’t say a word,” he pointed warning Richie as he raised his brow as Callie walked off. Sheesh. What a weird fucking day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter Two

He sat there like it was a Sunday afternoon watching football impatiently picking at the fabric on the arm of the couch. His kids had gone but they’d been happy to see him and he’d played some rough and tumble with Caleb before they went on their play dates. They had said Happy Birthday to him but again, there was no fuss. He scratched his head. Maybe he was too old for a fuss? He just was happy to be home. He checked his watch and wondered when Richie was due in Philly having gone and seen his mother in Jersey while they had the day off.

Maybe he could grab a lunch with him, just a light one since the show was tonight. He dug into his pocket and found his phone.

“Hey old man—I just was thinking about you---happy birthday!”

“Gee thanks Richie---I’ll always be still younger than you and that’s what counts.”

“Fuck you. Now what can I do for you?”

“I was thinking we could do lunch.” He didn’t want to say it but Richie would see right through it.

“What with you and Cal? I thought you two might want some alone time.”

He snickered. “Yeah right, no-she got called into work and my own kids are on play dates.”

“Oh jeeze. Sorry bud, I promised Ma I’d take her somewhere swanky before we head out to the stadium. I mean you could tag along if you wanted.”

“Oh nah Rich---I’m ok. You see your Ma and I’ll just hang out here. I’ll go for a run in the gym, no problems.”

“Okay—sorry man. I feel a bit bad. What has Callie organized for you? She’s usually a trooper at that. I’ll come along if she does.”

He snorted. “Yeah usually---she hasn’t this year. It’s ok---we’ve been all crazy—I’ve been doing the movie, she’s training interns… its nuts. She’s working more than I am at the moment.”

“Well maybe you and her should just have some time after the show. I could take the kids if you want?”

Jon spat out his coffee. “You take my kids? Uh uh.” He was kidding, Richie was a fantastic father but it was still fun to tease.

“Very funny Jonny. We’ll sort something out. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on Birthday nookie.”

“Who says I already haven’t had any?”

“I know you haven’t, you’re grumpy as fuck.”

He sighed. He was grumpy as fuck too and he had said he wasn’t going to let this birthday crap get to him. “Yeah yea---alright. See you at sound check man.” He disconnected and checked his watch. God he was getting desperate. He knew his parents were flying in for the show tonight---it was a tradition if it was around or on his b’day they always flew in. He called his mother’s cell phone and then thought better of it. Maybe he would rather go for a run and sulk after all. Things couldn’t really get that much worse. He hauled himself up and to the gym upstairs in the house. 12 miles on the tread should shake the shitty mood he was in.


On two, his wife arrived home and of course it was too late to do anything as they had to get ready to commute to Philly. “How was work?” He asked as he had perched himself in front of his mac at their large dining room table.

She dropped her keys in the bowl. “Exhausting—I need a long hot shower and then I suppose we should get organized. How was your day birthday boy?” She came up behind him, wound her arms around his neck and kissed the top of his head.

He groaned as the sweet smell of his wife stirred deep within him and he wanted nothing better than to drag her up onto the table and fuck her blind. He was restless and jittery---and hell he hadn’t even got his present from her. “Boring.” He said it too bluntly and he regretted it the minute he said it.

“Jon—I’m sorry I had to work but we should be used to disruption to plans by now in our life.”
And then the guilty jab in his gut came. He didn’t mean to snap. He rose and twisted around in her grasp and bumped noses with her. “I’m sorry. I’m grumpy today—I guess getting old does make you cranky huh?”

She tiled his chin and kissed him gently. “You’ll never be old to me. You’re still that young long haired pain in the ass boy that used to drive me crazy all those years ago.”

He chuckled at the memory and smiled at how far they had come. He’d trade in all his birthdays for just one week of their lives together at this point. That’s how much she meant to him. How much all of them meant to him as without them he was nothing. “But I was a pretty pain in the ass right?”

She traced her fingertip up the crinkles at the corner of his eyes. “Aww you’re still pretty. And you’re still a pain in the ass.” She squealed as he hauled her up and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Jonny we don’t have time—the kids will be here any minute.”

“I’m so damn horny today I’ll cum within five minutes. I guarantee you that.”

“Jonny!” she shrieked as he carried her up the stairs but froze with the chime of the doorbell went.

“Well fuck-me. Karma really isn’t on my side tonight.” He dropped her down onto the step above him and she kissed him gently.

“Sorry honey---we better get these kids organized and then head to the stadium.”

He growled and let her jog up the stairs to the shower---the shower he’d had plans for but no he was back on Daddy duty and then frontman duty.

Happy freaking birthday to me—again.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chapter One

Jon groaned, stretched, and squinted at the alarm clock. Six fucking thirty am on a show night and he was awake, UGH. It wasn’t just any old day either, it was his birthday - Double UGH. Oh well, while the morning was still fresh maybe he could at least tempt his wife into some birthday sex. He rolled over and rubbed his eyes as he realized there was nothing but a Callie sized dent in her pillows.


He gave jerking off a quick thought to get him back to sleep but thought that was ridiculous as he had a wife out there somewhere. He sank back down into his pillows and smirked. Perhaps she was preparing him a kick ass breakfast and planning to deliver it in just a lace bra and panties. She’d done that a few times and every time the breakfast always ended up cold.

He took a deep breath and scratched his chin. They had exactly an hour before their heavenly children would be awake, like clockwork those kids were in bed by nine-up by seven. One of the many blessings he had in his life at this time. Speaking of blessings where was his wife?

He dragged himself out of bed and pulled on his robe. He padded out the bedroom door, scratched his belly and walked down the stairs. It was peaceful, a little too peaceful for someone preparing a surprise breakfast meal. The kitchen was empty, clean and there was no sign of his wife. He checked the calendar that they always kept work, engagements and other events on and she wasn’t slated to work today which had been the plan since the family was coming to the show tonight. So where the hell was she?


He spun around as the back door opened and she flew in. She was carrying a tray of coffee and bakery bag. “Hey baby. Happy birthday.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek and rested it all on the counter top. “Coffee—non-fat latte, just the way you like it. And bagels, fresh from the oven. She pulled out bagels and reached for a plate. Her woollen coat was still wrapped around her tightly and he half wondered if she was going to turn and unravel it for his birthday surprise but she carried on oblivious. She handed him the latte. “Now I need to go again babe. I got called into work but I couldn’t go without getting the birthday some breakfast.”

“Work? But you weren’t even on call today?” He raised his eyebrows as she winced.

“I know and I’m sorry-it’s only till this afternoon. They needed the cover and the on-call surgeon called in sick. I won’t be long. I promise.” She reached up and kissed him slowly, her heat melting away the dejected little boy that was ready to sulk because he wanted some attention.

“OK.” He wasn’t the best person to moaning about working on birthdays so he couldn’t talk. Every year he left it to his wife to do something for his birthday, he didn’t expect a fuss but deep down he was always happy when she gave him one.

“Good—Caleb has a play-date with Jack so his mom will pick him up about nine and Stella is going out with my mom for a few hours. I thought you wouldn’t mind some time to yourself.” Great, yeah that’s what he wanted after a couple of weeks in and out of fancy hotels without his family, more alone time.

He sighed. "Sure I can find something to do I guess.” What he really wanted was to make love to his wife for an hour and then hang out with his kids on his birthday and he was getting neither of them.

“Good-ok sweetheart I’ll be back around two and we’ll drive down to Philly.”

“Drive? We could just take the—“

“I want to drive. See you later on.” She went in for the goodbye peck but this time he hauled her in and kissed her hard until she moaned into his mouth. His hands slid up her neck and into her hair, Christ, the need rocketed through him, hell he could take her on the kitchen counter—he had many times before. She pushed her palms into his chest gently and the kiss broke with him tugging on her bottom lip.

Her eyes fluttered as he smirked, after all this time he could still knock her off her pins. Life was good. “Later then?”

She smoothed her hands up his pecks and nodded. “Definitely."

He reluctantly let her go and stood back. “You better go then. Did you eat too?”

She grabbed one of the coffees and nodded. “I did, thanks baby. See you soon.” And with that she was gone. He watched her climb into her car and pull out from the garages. Dammit. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped. He was in half a mind to go and wake his kids up early just so he could spend some time with them but he settled for the sports channel catching up on the latest news in that world.

“Happy Birthday to me.” He mumbled as he took a bite out of his bagel begrudgingly.