Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chapter One

Jon groaned, stretched, and squinted at the alarm clock. Six fucking thirty am on a show night and he was awake, UGH. It wasn’t just any old day either, it was his birthday - Double UGH. Oh well, while the morning was still fresh maybe he could at least tempt his wife into some birthday sex. He rolled over and rubbed his eyes as he realized there was nothing but a Callie sized dent in her pillows.


He gave jerking off a quick thought to get him back to sleep but thought that was ridiculous as he had a wife out there somewhere. He sank back down into his pillows and smirked. Perhaps she was preparing him a kick ass breakfast and planning to deliver it in just a lace bra and panties. She’d done that a few times and every time the breakfast always ended up cold.

He took a deep breath and scratched his chin. They had exactly an hour before their heavenly children would be awake, like clockwork those kids were in bed by nine-up by seven. One of the many blessings he had in his life at this time. Speaking of blessings where was his wife?

He dragged himself out of bed and pulled on his robe. He padded out the bedroom door, scratched his belly and walked down the stairs. It was peaceful, a little too peaceful for someone preparing a surprise breakfast meal. The kitchen was empty, clean and there was no sign of his wife. He checked the calendar that they always kept work, engagements and other events on and she wasn’t slated to work today which had been the plan since the family was coming to the show tonight. So where the hell was she?


He spun around as the back door opened and she flew in. She was carrying a tray of coffee and bakery bag. “Hey baby. Happy birthday.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek and rested it all on the counter top. “Coffee—non-fat latte, just the way you like it. And bagels, fresh from the oven. She pulled out bagels and reached for a plate. Her woollen coat was still wrapped around her tightly and he half wondered if she was going to turn and unravel it for his birthday surprise but she carried on oblivious. She handed him the latte. “Now I need to go again babe. I got called into work but I couldn’t go without getting the birthday some breakfast.”

“Work? But you weren’t even on call today?” He raised his eyebrows as she winced.

“I know and I’m sorry-it’s only till this afternoon. They needed the cover and the on-call surgeon called in sick. I won’t be long. I promise.” She reached up and kissed him slowly, her heat melting away the dejected little boy that was ready to sulk because he wanted some attention.

“OK.” He wasn’t the best person to moaning about working on birthdays so he couldn’t talk. Every year he left it to his wife to do something for his birthday, he didn’t expect a fuss but deep down he was always happy when she gave him one.

“Good—Caleb has a play-date with Jack so his mom will pick him up about nine and Stella is going out with my mom for a few hours. I thought you wouldn’t mind some time to yourself.” Great, yeah that’s what he wanted after a couple of weeks in and out of fancy hotels without his family, more alone time.

He sighed. "Sure I can find something to do I guess.” What he really wanted was to make love to his wife for an hour and then hang out with his kids on his birthday and he was getting neither of them.

“Good-ok sweetheart I’ll be back around two and we’ll drive down to Philly.”

“Drive? We could just take the—“

“I want to drive. See you later on.” She went in for the goodbye peck but this time he hauled her in and kissed her hard until she moaned into his mouth. His hands slid up her neck and into her hair, Christ, the need rocketed through him, hell he could take her on the kitchen counter—he had many times before. She pushed her palms into his chest gently and the kiss broke with him tugging on her bottom lip.

Her eyes fluttered as he smirked, after all this time he could still knock her off her pins. Life was good. “Later then?”

She smoothed her hands up his pecks and nodded. “Definitely."

He reluctantly let her go and stood back. “You better go then. Did you eat too?”

She grabbed one of the coffees and nodded. “I did, thanks baby. See you soon.” And with that she was gone. He watched her climb into her car and pull out from the garages. Dammit. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped. He was in half a mind to go and wake his kids up early just so he could spend some time with them but he settled for the sports channel catching up on the latest news in that world.

“Happy Birthday to me.” He mumbled as he took a bite out of his bagel begrudgingly.


  1. Methinks Callie has something up the sleeve of that woolen coat! *waiting impati-* *ahem* *waiting patiently for next installment*


  2. Ah, poor Jonny's gonna sulk most the day! Haha!

  3. Oh yay they're back! Poor Jonny.

  4. Don't sulk Johnny....anticipation is the best part. LOL

  5. She's soooooo playing him.
    And he's totally falling for it. LOL
    I can totally see that little boy pout.