Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter Three

“Dude what the hell is your problem?”

Jon cursed and marched to David. “You sure these are in tune? They sound off.”

David rolled his eyes. “They’re electric Jon.”

He paced around Tico’s drum kit. “Somethings off in the first bridge.”

Richie put his hand on his shoulder. “Dude—we’ve played Older a million times before. It sounds fine.”

Jon crouched down under Tico’s kit. “I’ll be the judge of that thanks.”

Tico slid out from his drum kit and walked to the side of the stage. “I’m having a smoke while he fucking does this.”

“Teek—can you try this? Teek?”

Jon looked up and watched Richie fold his arms. “He’s gone for a smoke. You pissed him off.”

Jon grounded his teeth and slid back out, stood. “What? Get him back here. Somethings not fucking right and we’re fixing it—“ he waved his hands in the air. “Forget it—I’ll fucking do it myself.” He grabbed the drum sticks and banged the snare.

“Dude I wouldn’t do that you know Teek is anal about his—“

“Jon – what the fuck.. get outta there!” He marched up to him and towered above him as he sat on Tico’s stool. Tico could crush him like a bug if it came to that—they didn’t fight physically anymore like in the younger days but Jon knew he skated on thin ice more than once every so often.

“Tico I just wanted—“


Jon froze and looked up where Callie was standing centre stage with her hands on her hips. Oh boy. “What now?”

“Can I see you a minute?” her eyes flashed and she thumbed behind her to side stage.
He rose. “I’m a little busy Cal—is it one of the kids?”

“No it’s the big kid right here. I just want a quick word Jon. I know you hate being bugged when you do this but it can’t wait.”

Jon nodded and followed his wife off the stage. He shot Richie and David a look as they snickered. “Callie that was mildly embarrassing. I know you—“

“Jon. What the hell is wrong with you. Teek came storming backstage and said you were being a pain in the ass. More than normal.”

He laughed. “Oh great now I’m being tattled on, somethings off---surely you heard it. You have a good ear now too.”

“Yeah it’s you Jonny. You’re in a foul mood but that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I know its my fault.”

“What?” He let the bands in his chest relaxed. “Cal, it’s not your fault.”

She took his hands. “It is---you’re upset I didn’t organize anything for your birthday and I feel awful with how the day turned out. I just wanted to have a quiet day with you and the kids as things have been so hectic lately. I just figured that’s what you’d want—and I’m sorry I couldn’t’ even give you that.”

His heart fell as tears formed in her eyes. He lifted his hand to her cheek. “Baby—of course that’s what I would have wanted. I was being an ass. I just wanted some attention from you. You know I love that – from you that is.”

She smiled. “I know and I’m sorry I lost sight of that a little---just with the hospital and everything I just—“

He placed a finger over her lips. “Hush.. no more apologies. We’re fine. I have the show---I love the show on my birthday. Who gets to do what I do on their birthday? There is no greater gift and to have you here to see it.”

She kissed his finger. “I know---but how about after the show we just go home together and I’ll get Matt to take the kids?”

His heart felt full again. “Sounds perfect. Truly. Now have you finished grilling me in front of my band—I can have my balls back now?” he teased.

“Just till later.” She winked as she stepped back and left him be.

He shook his head and laughed at how ridiculous this day had been and walked back out to the stage and clapped his hands together. “Okay from the top...and don’t say a word,” he pointed warning Richie as he raised his brow as Callie walked off. Sheesh. What a weird fucking day.


  1. Way to go Callie! Might have been interesting to see Tico "squash him like a bug"though LOL!

  2. Glad Callie called him on the brat moves.
    UBER Brat.
    Sweet that they just want time together and can't seem to get any.