Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter Six

Jon escaped to the bleachers for a sneaky cigarette. He’d “mainly” given up much to Callie’s pestering, it really didn’t help matters when your wife was a doctor but he’d seen enough of the slides of lung cancer she’d slipped his way to know it wasn’t the best thing for him. She never pressured him to do it, she always let him choose and she accepted now and then he still had to have one.

Now was one of those times. It may have had something to with three Jack’s he’d had in amidst all the birthday frivolity. It was good to hang with his band, his brothers and long-time friends and of course his family. He flicked away the ash and chuckled. He really was a lucky son of a bitch.

After all these years his workmates were his best friends, his family was supportive as the first day he picked up a guitar, his children--the funniest kids in this the world and a wife that wasn’t just his wife, she was the other half of him.

He’d known it a long time but he knew without her, he’d be nothing.

Heels clicked behind him but he didn’t turn around, he could tell by the heartbeat of the step it was his wife. She slid in beside him and rested her head against his shoulder. He closed his eyes and through the smell of smoke the sweet smell of Callie drifted into his life.

“So whatcha doing outside here all by yourself?”

He took one last puff and tossed the butt away, he leaned back and stretched his arm out around her shoulders and stared out to the field. “Just needed a minute. Even this boy gets overwhelmed every once and awhile.”

She rubbed his knee and chuckled. “Not often but yes, you’re allowed the odd time.”

“Just like that smoke, right?” He asked with a grin.

“You got it. No nagging today, it’s your day.”

Light late winter drizzle fell below the low lights of the stadium as he kissed the top of her head. “I think Mrs Bongiovi, I’ve come to realize that everyday has been my day for the last twenty odd years.”

Callie’s gaze flicked up to meet his and her lips curved into a smile. “They’ve been our days.” Her gaze fell to his lips as he leaned and kissed her. Warmth radiated through his body like a welcome blast of sunshine like she always was.

Slowly he melted into his wife’s kiss, her hands slid up his chest and up around his neck. He pushed back her hair as they enjoyed one the rare moments of being alone. “I’m not going be able to stop shortly.” His hand cupped her breast and his thumb brushed over her nipple, it hardened instantly. “Matt’s still taking the kids? Or was another of your elaborate lies?” His brow rose as he left her lips and kissed down the lovely line of her neck.

“Oh no, he’s still taking them.” Her breath was heavy against his neck, his cock heavy in his pants.

“Damn.” His fingers trailed down her belly and lightly over her jeans. “I want you now.” No matter how busy and how crazy their lives were. Give them five minutes of intimacy and the electricity between them fired like it still did twenty years ago.

Their noses bumped and teeth clicked. “Too bad they’ll come looking for you in ten minutes if you’re not back in there. You know they will.”

She had a gleam in her eye that he knew well. “But?” he asked hopefully.

His eyes widened as she slid out of her chair and onto her knees below him. Her fingers already making light work of his buckle. “Callie, Jesus!” He hissed as she dragged her nail down over the bump under the tight denim. “You’re not going to really...” He jolted backwards as her hand wound around his cock as she gently pulled it free. “Oh god... you are....”

Her clever fingers curled around his shaft while his wrapped around the seats on either side of him. The tip of her tongue circled the crown of his cock and his knuckles went white. “Fuck.” He watched her mouth move slowly down his length and thought it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

The tip of her tongue swirled around the tip sucking off the drop of precum. He closed his eyes and for a split second imagined that the stadium was full of people while his wife worked her mouth on his dick. Oh god...


Callie’s other hand moved and cupped his balls, squeezing them enough he thought he was going to lose it. She licked her lips and slowly she swallowed his length. He growled and his hands went for her hair, his fingers threaded through her hair as he hit the back of her throat.

The wind came up but he didn't give a fuck as his head tipped back and pleasure pumped through his blood. With all the control he could summon he growled in his throat instead of roaring into the stadium like he wanted to. Her movements were slow and deliberate; she knew she was killing him.

Apparently she was enjoying it too as she hummed along his length.

He stretched his legs out, desperate to hold himself as her magic mouth worked its way back down his length. Tense and twisted, his body writhed under her spell. The heel of his boot connected with the seat in-front of him as her teeth scraped down his sensitive skin.

Short nails dug into his sac and he wished for death, well release. His wife was entirely too fucking good at driving him crazy. Like a couple of teenagers defying their parents’ wishes here they were in the bleachers in Giant’s fucking stadium where she was giving him head. And god if that wasn’t hot.

Need threatened to shred him from the inside out, the pop of her mouth off his cock was more potent than any porn he’d ever watched alone in his hotel rooms over the years. “Please, finish it...”

Her gaze glittered with lust and a side of evil as she moved forward and took him again, over and over she took him with her mouth, her teeth, and her fingers. All three made a deadly combination as he started to unravel, thread by thread.

He thrusted his hips in time with her mouth and groaned each time he went deeper into her mouth. The bands in his chest tightened and the lights of the stadium blurred as he let go spilling into her mouth before slumping back down in his chair. Hot sweat that trickled down his cheeks now cooled as the air swirled around them and he had a chance to catch his breath.

“Oh god.” He closed his eyes before his chest rumbled with laughter as he took in what just happened. Never again would he watch a game sitting in these sacred stands without thinking of this moment. She shifted back onto his knee as she dusted off her knees and helped him do his pants back up. He tipped her chin up towards him and planted a kiss on her lips.

“You are something else Doctor Callie. Really something else.”

She smiled and snuggled into him her hand stroked his neck. “I do try.”

“You do more than try woman. God...” He looked around. “Do you think we should buy these seats?”

She slapped him and snorted. “They’re not exactly your kind of seats... too far away.”

“Hey! Ok ok... you win. You’re right. I do have to have the best.”

“Well that’s why you married me, right?”

He laughed. “Oh cocky today Doc are we?” He wrapped his arms around her and linked his fingers across the small of her back. “But that’s ok. Today you can pretty much have anything you want after that.”

Her brow raised and she smirked. “I did notice you came hard too. This was a little fantasy of yours, yes?”

His eyes narrowed. “Yeah alright, you again prove you know me well. Stop bragging woman.” Apparently his wife was now a smart-ass and cocky, wonder where she got that from he thought ruefully.


“Oh god!” Callie shot Jon a look as their daughter raced up the steps towards them. Two minutes earlier and that would have been hard to explain.

“Hey baby-girl. What are you doing out here alone?” She scrambled up on his other knee and kissed him.

“Uncle Matt is taking us home for cookies and PlayStation before bed.”

“Wow! Cookies and PlayStation before bed! It’s my birthday and even I don’t get that before bed.” He avoided his wife’s gaze, he knew exactly what he was going to get before bed.

“I love you daddy.” Stella snuggled in under his arm.

“Awe I love you too pumpkin, even if you are a good liar. I’m gonna have to watch that as you get older.” Stella squealed as he jabbed her in the side. He kissed the top of her sunny blond hair and then hugged his girls tight. “OK, mommy and I will be there in a second.” Like father like daughter she tore away, she was the one that didn’t hold attention too well especially if she was bored, just like her Daddy.

Callie straightened his shirt and then drilled a finger into his chest. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to nail me when we’re home, because I have to tell you seeing you like that...” Her hands slid down his chest and over his nipples. “Kinda got me riled up.”

His brow zinged. “Oh I’ll do more than that, you just wait little girl.” They met in a kiss once again and then he followed her back down to his party, satisfied.


  1. I love jon & callie and the way you write!
    thank you for keeping the story going!

  2. " Never again would he watch a game sitting in these sacred stands without thinking of this moment"
    How about play this Stadium without trying to find these exact seats?!?!?!!?