Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Four

Jon sat backstage in his private room slowly psyching himself up for the show. He popped the cap off his water and glugged it down. He still felt awful that he behaved like a spoilt brat and his wife seemed genuinely upset that she couldn’t come through with him for a birthday surprise. He was pathetic. He loved his family and really the greatest gift was just being with them on his day.

Life had been hectic again since the movie and the tour started and of course Callie’s schedule was no better. He’d been lucky enough for her to take eight weeks off starting in July though. She was coming to Europe with the kids and then they’d go onto Greece for their annual family vacation after the tour. Those moments are what he came to cherish, when they could lie in each others laps on the beach and read, listen to music and just hang out. Half the time they didn’t talk a lot, they just lay there stroking each other occasionaly, snuggling...god. He put his face in his hands, he kinda wished he was in that moment right now but no, this was his dream and he was living it.


He looked up as Caleb snuck in around the canvas door innocently and relaxed his face. “Hey buddy, what are you doing in here?” He leaned back and Caleb climbed up onto his knee. He kissed the top of the boy's sunny blond head and smiled.

“Mommy wasn’t looking so I snuck away.”

“Well you’re safe here as Mommy knows not to come in here.” Not that it had stopped his wife before being told she couldn’t go somewhere, and in fact back in the day they often shared this room for a private moment or two.

“Are you going to play Bad Name tonight?” Caleb reached up and tugged at his collar.

Jon raised his eyebrow. “Maybe, do you want me to?”

Caleb nodded emphatically. “It’s my favourite.”

Jon leaned back and grinned. “Well then, we can’t not play your favourite then can we? I thought your favourite was Bad Medicine?”

He shook his head. “Boring.”

“Sheesh. I didn’t realize my son just became my biggest critic.” Jon checked his watch before removing it off his wrist. What a weird day. He eyed his son suspiciously. “So, did Mommy get you to buy me presents this year?”

He shook his head again but didn’t look at him.

“Caleb.” He tried to use his stern daddy voice to pry any information out of him. Yes, Callie had been busy but she was always busy yet always managed to put the family first so he didn’t believe that she’d left him completely without a birthday. She just didn’t do that. Despite her award winning actress act on stage earlier.

“No Daddy, no!” Caleb climbed down onto the floor but Jon tugged his arm.

“You can tell Daddy, I can keep it a secret.” It was true when it came to the kids Callie could win their loyalty over with some special motherly power she possessed but he could give it a shot.

The canvas door swept open and Jon looked up to meet his wife’s curious gaze.

“Caleb--I’ve been looking for you. You know we don’t bother Daddy before the show. He goes on in five minutes.”

Caleb took his mothers hand and nodded. “Sorry Daddy.”

“That’s OK buddy. He wasn’t causing problems Cal--”

Callie raised her brow. “No, he wasn’t but I’m not sure about his father.”

“Who me?” His Innocent act fell short with the woman that knew him better than he knew himself some days.

“I heard you. C’mon Caleb, we’ll leave Daddy to get ready.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Have a good show baby.”

“Bye Daddy.”

And he was alone-again.

What the hell? He stood up puzzled and cracked his knuckles. A shriek of laughter from outside his make-shift quarters made him question that something wasn’t quite right at all but he shrugged it off and prepared for his show.


The show ripped into life and went well, he lost the uneasiness of the day in the music and the band’s chemistry that they still had after all these years. It was a tradition to open with Older, almost his own birthday song to himself. God knows no one else was going to sing it to him it seemed. His parents were in the audience and he’d barely seen them before the show when he was used to them hanging backstage a little more than they had.

Again, it was tradition that his family was there at his own birthday party every year that he’d had the show on his birthday.

After the show he bounced backstage and peeled his t-shirt off as Matt handed him a hot towel.

“Thanks Bro--Good show.” He patted his back as he looked around for his family.

“Damn right--so do you feel one year older?”

Jon winced as he arched back feeling his back pop. “Tonight I feel it. Hey--thanks for taking the kids tonight. Callie said you were.”

“Oh sure, no problems. Only seems fair you have some alone time with my lovely sister-in-law. That’s if you still can get it up.” He teased, flashing the same Bongiovi wide smile at him.

“Fuck you, I’ll have you know I can still-”

“Dude! No need for details. I can fill in the blanks.”

Arms encircled his waist from behind and warm breath tickled against his ear. “We better get going soon if you want to make use of me.” His cock twitched as lips slid across the back of his neck.

His hands covered hers at his belly. “Oh I intend to make very good use of you.”

He frowned when she stifled a yawn against his ear. “Sorry babe. It’s been a long week.” at this rate she’d be passed out after round one. He tried to stop himself sounding like an ungrateful bastard but disappointment was eating him from the inside out.

“Have you seen my parents?” hell, or anyone? Usually backstage was loaded with friends and family straight after the New Jersey or Philly shows but he found himself eyeing just the crew.

“They’re tired, they had a long flight but the good news is I’ve organized a birthday brunch for you before we head up to the Casino show. Since I sucked at doing it for today.”

He managed a smile. “Callie, you didn’t have to but it’ll be nice to see everyone. Is the band coming? Hell, where has Richie gone? He’s usually the last to leave?”

Callie giggled. “He’s with his mom. I saw them just before.”

Well shit. He took a deep breath and sighed, at least he had his wife. “Well lets go then, I’m ready to get outta here.”

Callie let go of him and took his hand. “Maybe I do have one surprise for you at home...I may even be wearing it now.”

His cock stirred, yep she still had it. She still had the ability to make him hard with just her voice. “Well Mrs Bongiovi, lead the way. I’m more than ready to open that gift.” He dropped a kiss on her forehead and smiled. “With my teeth.”


  1. Mmm I love those Jon-Callie revisits!!!

  2. LOL! The poor bastard. She's playing him like his Takamine.