Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter Seven

Jon and Callie walked back to the party and socialized a little more with their guests until they started to drift out. They sent their kids home with his brother and Callie arranged the guard to lock up everything as she had previously organized. After the he fought with the seat belt which had magically got larger and wouldn’t fit in the clip, OK maybe it was more the fact he’d had six Jack and Cokes by this stage.

The smell of sweet oranges drifted across him as his wife leaned over and clipped in his seat belt. “There you are, Jesus Jon you smell like a distillery.” He wound his arm around her and held her a little longer over him. He kissed her and she laughed as their noses bumped.

“You better get driving, I’m ready for the rest of my present.” His gaze caught a glimpse of red lace that slid down her shoulder. He closed his eyes as she lifted her hand and stroked his cheek.

“Patience.” She purred as she leaned back and buckled herself into the driver’s seat.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as it was apparent that his cock had recovered from its blow job. “You already know I have none of that baby.” He grinned loosely, the alcohol relaxing him. Damn his wife was hot. They headed back onto the freeway and headed home to Redbank in what was now the wee hours of the morning.

He smirked as he rested his hand on her knee and flexed his fingers as she drove.

“Jon, no funny business.” She warned as she kept her eyes on the road ahead.

He chuckled, he used to do this too when she would drive him around when they were younger. Tease the holy hell out of her until she had to swerve off the road, it was a little reckless but hell they were young. His hand inched down her thigh and he brushed his knuckles against her crotch.

“I mean it!” She scolded him and batted away his hand, while she bit her lip.

He tipped his knuckle around the soft curve of her breast and watched her nipple hardened.

“Jon! I’m serious. We’ll be there soon."

“Aren’t you just as horny as I am?” He folded his arms and leaned back.

She flicked her hair back and huffed. “Of course I am! I have been since I blew you in the stadium.”

He laughed and clapped his hands together. “See! Now pullover.”

“What? You’re not serious. We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“Exactly, how many cars do you see around? It’s nearly two am Cal, c’mon live a little.”

“You’re not even supposed to pull over here.”

“Who is gonna see, c’mon...I call birthday.”

She rolled her eyes and checked the rear view before flicking on the directional. They pulled off the road and she killed the engine. He undid his belt and flipped his seat back, his wife climbed over and straddled him. The puff of breath on his skin instantly set him off, his hands trailed up her sides, tugging off her top to reveal hot-red lace. Hell-see through lace.

“Thank you God.” He traced his finger along the scalloped edge of lace.

She let her hair tumble around her shoulders tickle and brush around his wrists. Her eyes met his and even through the shadows of the night they glinted with her certain brand of evil. “God has nothing to do with this.”

He groaned as her lips brushed his followed by a playful swipe of her tongue.

Breath weighed heavily between them as she dipped lower, her mouth against his neck. He tipped his head back and his hands slid down over her back and cupped her ass. Her tongue traced around his clavicle and her dark chuckle vibrated against his skin.

“I really hate how much you make me want you, even after all these years.”

He grinned and his hand reached up and unclasped her bra. He felt the same way, there was no one in this world after all these years that possessed the power that his wife did. There was no one he truly was himself around except her. “And I’ve got more wrinkles and saggy bits now.” He cupped her breasts and rolled his thumbs over the tips while she threw her head back.

“Jon...” He knew all her moans, all of her moves. This one was the stirring moan, he was riling her up and the denim of his pants stretched tight over his crotch as he did so. She leaned forward, kissed him, and he felt her melt into him like so many times before. Her fingers fisted in his hair as their lips parted and their breathing became heavy. She arched back so he could grind against her heat, that friction alone between them was enough to topple him over the edge.

The windows fogged up around him and light rain splattered on the car as the heat between them intensified. He caught her breast in his mouth, his tongue laved over her nipple as she began to groan and she buckled above him. His hand spread out on her back and guided her for a better angle. He reached down between them and popped her jeans open and his fingers were instantly flooded by her heat.

Her hands clutched the head rest as she bowed over him, her mouth hovering over his ear and her breath hot on his skin. He flicked her clit and sucked her nipple as she began to rock above him to increase the tension. Sweat slid down his temples as the sweet sounds of his wife’s pants and moans twisted him from inside out.

Her nose smashed into his neck as her guttural cries grew louder. He flexed one finger and slid it deep inside her, followed by the other. He pumped her painfully slow, her desperate pleas for speed ignored as he drowned in her. Her fingers clawed at his top as she pushed it up his chest and her warm skin pressed against his.

Their mouths fused together, and she was so close to orgasm as her body tightened all around him. Her knees were clamped at his hips and her fingers dug into his chest. He wanted to be inside her, feeling her wrapped snug around him. The first orgasm punched through her, her teeth scraped his neck as she cried out his name and convulsed around his fingers.

She lay against his chest for a few moments before he pushed her jeans off her hips and she carefully dragged them down her legs and off. She lifted his heavy buckle and opened him up, taking his cock in her hands.

“Sweet mercy.” He muttered as she lifted herself carefully onto his cock and re-positioned herself above him.

He threaded his fingers into hair and his lips trailed up her jaw to her temple before he joined them again at her lips. His tongue found hers and he tasted every corner of her mouth as she moved above him gently. Slow and deliberate she rocked bringing them closer to orgasm.

His fingers traced down her jaw and over her lips, “I love you.”

Her eyes softened and she smiled as she linked both of his hands in hers and held them above his head. “I love you too babe. Happy Birthday.” She pushed forward changing the angle so he slid further into her. He stretched out extending his body under her and hissed as the hard tips of her breasts dragged through his chest hair.

This was them, anytime, not usually any place but the fact of the matter was this is what made them. Through the craziness, through the many people that they shared their lives with, especially him, when they were together like this nothing else mattered.

He always drew strength from her and her from him, and partially the reason he still didn’t feel like he was hovering under fifty was because of her and the rich life that they shared, and for that he was more thankful for anything in his life.

Their fingers were clutched firmly together as she rode above him, finally increasing her pace and the friction between them spilled over into pure pleasure. It rolled through him and her name spilled from his lips. She kept going, sweat pooling between them as they fell again until she slumped into him as they settled. He wanted nothing but to curl her into him but he remembered they were inside a car for fuck’s sake.

He dragged the tips of his fingers down her back. “We’ve still got it.”

She rubbed his arm as she lay against his chest. “We never lost it. And we never will. I believe that.”

“I know. I do too.” He dropped a kiss on the top of her head before she stretched and attempted to roll off him back into her driver’s seat. They retrieved their clothes and painfully redressed in the small space.

“God, this is why we don’t do this anymore.” He winced as his back screamed as he lay back to pull his jeans up.

She snorted as she did her shirt back up and then her pants. “No kidding, we’re certainly not as flexible as we used to be.”

He jumped as a knock on the passenger seat window and blinked as a flashlight blared through the window. He let the window slide down and raised his brow. “Officer?” He didn’t dare look behind him as he prayed his wife was fully dressed.

The officer bent down and peered through. “Any reason you have stopped here? You know you’re not meant to.”


“Sorry Officer, I had to take a call from work, I’m a doctor and I didn’t want to drive and use my phone at the same time. A nurse had a query about a patient I operated on earlier.”

The officer glanced at her and then Jon. “OK, well in future if you are going to take twenty five minute calls again on a highway I suggest you wait.” He smirked before he pulled back.

Jon felt his neck burn and realized they were going to get away with it. The cop would have realized exactly what they were doing. Shit. “Of course officer.”

“Good, well have a good night.” He bumped the roof and walked off.

They both burst out laughing once Jon had raised the window. “Busted.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t throw us in the slammer, my doctor story obviously worked.”

“Oh please he knew what we were doing. For the amount of steam on the windows that was no phone call. He recognized me, and since I’m well respected he let it go.”

Callie laughed as she turned the key in the ignition. “Might wanna roll that window down so your ego can breathe babe.”

“Just drive woman.” He laughed as they pulled back onto the homebound route. What a day and what a night it had been, but that was his life. Nothing was ever boring and he would never change it for the world.

The End.


  1. Big time busted! Cop must have been a fan. LOL

    Good thing otherwise birthday present would have been fine money! LMAO!

  2. Oh they were busted!! What a birthday present!!


  3. I loved that. It was so "them". Love that they were busted, but the cop let them go. The comment at the end, "Might want to roll that window down so your ego can breathe babe" had me laughing. Great job!

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!
    Its a good thing that most people in Jersey know and love ya Jonny! Especially the law enforcement officers....
    P.S. it was nice of him to let them finish before he approached the car!!! LOL, he must've sat there and waited for the car to stop shaking and rocking!!!!